Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Do I Add Maps to My Website

Adding an alternate Google map to your web website assuming your business area is simple and there is no amount to do this.

Follow the simple accomplish below:

1) Go to http://maps.google.com and blazon your abounding abode into the seek box at the top. Ensure the consistent map is the actual location.

2) Bang on "link to this page" aloft the map on the right. Then bang on "Customise and examination anchored map". A new window will open. You can baddest which admeasurement of map you wish to bury on your web site.

3) Abode your cursor afore the chat "Preview" and bang (left button on the mouse) and annoyance (while captivation the abrasion button down) over the map and until the words "View Larger Map" are called (the chat "Preview" and the map will aswell be selected). Release your abrasion button. Move your cursor over the chat "Preview" and appropriate click. Baddest "copy" from the card which appears.

Google map archetype :

View Larger Map

4) Login to your Administration System for your web site. Bang on "Content Manager/Pages Manager" and baddest the page you would like to abode your map on. Bang on "Enable HTML Paste Mode" aloft the editor toolbar.

5) In the pages editor abode your cursor area you would like your map to arise on the page. Appropriate bang and baddest "Paste". Bang on "Update Page" and your map is adored on your website!