Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Make or Take a Screenshot of a Web Page?

How do I take a screenshot? Another question that is asked constatnly. Taking or making a screenshot of a webpage is a lot asier than you think. There are many software packages on the market that you can install that you really don't need. Everything you need is right on your computer! Here is the process of taking screenshots for Windows.

Making or Taking a Screenshot in Windows

Go to the webpage you wish to make your screenshot. On your keyboard, press the PrtSc (Print Screen) Usually it's on the right side of your keyboard. It may be on the top row, but look for PrtSc or it may event say Print Scrn. You may even need to use a key combination of keys like Shift-PrtSc, Fn-PrtSc, Ctrl-PrsSc. Click on your START key-->All Programs--->Accessories--Paint. Click on "Paint" and it will open with a blank (white) image. Using the the Ctrl (Control key) depressed, hit the V key on your keyboard; or just got to your top control bar and clikc on edit--->paste.

Congratulations, you first screenshot has been taken of a web page. Now you can save this as an image any way your like such as jpg, bmp, png or tiff formats from the Microsoft Paint program. Better than buying an expensive program, isntalling and spending hours trying to figure it out? Thank me later.

Here is an example of a screehshot I just made:

Another trick is holding down the "ALT" key and hitting "PrtSc". This will give you the active window and not the entire screen.

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