Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why is Having You Own Domain Name Important?

Here we will discuss the importance of you own domain name. Recently, Yahoo announced that Geocities will be closing their free web hosting service. This means that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of websites will be lost forever. It seems that the economic climite along with the increasing number of social networks has forced Yahoo to close Geociites and is now encouraging account holders to upgrade to their paying service. Which in my mind is OK, but what happens to all the visitors and links that you have scattered throughout cyvberspace that relied on coming to your domain name? Even if your site was let's say,, chances you are not going to be able to register In fact, I just checked over at and it's already taken. Even if you did get it, how will your return visitors find you?

This is one reason why having your own domain name is important. Even if you change web hosts, you can take your own domain name with you to another host, and no one will ever know the difference.

Another reason is credibility. Visiting a auction site such as doesn't hold the same weight as

Advertisers also like their products and services listed on a good domain name.

If you own a company, it's always easier to remember your company name through your domain name and having your product or service in your domain name is also a plus. I'll give you an example. I started a World War 2 Directory. Guess what my domain namie is? Right. Guess what page the directory comes up on when you type World War 2 directory on Google? I won't tell you. You can try it yourself.

To summarize the importance of your own domain name:

1. You own the right to that domain name.
2. You can take it with you if you change web hosts.
3. Credibiltiy.
4. Easy to remember.
5. Create your own domain name related to your product.


  1. Very well informative site of yours.
    The points you have noted for personal domain
    are very true but I have little question about the bandwidth limit . Can you discuss on this point in your coming post.

  2. I am totally agree with this article. The reason is I have got queries from lots of my friends on why not moving to own domain. I was little interested at that time but after moving to the domain, I am getting more visits and thus more money too.

  3. my website URL is how do I convert this to own domain?
    Your article is very clear on fundamentals. kudos!