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How Do I Create a Website?

How do I create a website? How do I make money with a website? Are two of the most asked questions by people on the Internet today. It's a very good question. Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own website? Other frequently asked questions include: What is a domain name? What is a web host? Is it expensive to create a website? How do I edit my website? Hopefully I will be able to answer all your questions here.

Before you create a website, you need to have an idea of what the website will be about. I strongly suggest you do not create a website strictly to make money or create a website because someone told you you can make money with it. Do not choose a topic that you really have no knowledge about. You want to create a website on a topic that you have an interest in. Something you're very knowledgeable in or have a passion for. It can be anything. If you like to needle point, and you know a great deal about it, then that's your niche. If you're a mom, then create a site about your experiences with your children. New moms and moms-to-be are always looking for mothers with experience that can offer good advice with babies and early childhood.

Here are some other suggestions for a website or blog.

1. Childcare
2. Photography
3. Sports
4. Music or Favorite Band or Artist
5. Your Parents LOL
6. Your Favorite Hobby
7. Trading Card Collection
8. Review Your Favorite Movies
9. Review Your Favorite Books
10. School - Elementary, High School or College

The first thing you'll want to do is get a domain name. The domain name is the URL of your website. All websites start with http://www. The name after that is the name of your site and can be followed by .com, .info, .us. The most common you will see is .com. You can call your site whatever URL is available, but I highly recommend using the topic of your site in your domain name. For instance, if your site is about Old Toys and you want to start a Forum, then your could use something like as an example. This way, when visitors come to your site, they can pretty much tell what your site is about. Also, search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo like these types of domain names. is one of the biggest and most reliable registrars for domain names. Registration is free and once you register, you can search for a name and see if its available. usually costs $10.00 to register plus a 20 cent fee for a .com name or you can even get a .info name for as little as .99 cents. Other popular registrars are and 1&1 Internet. You may also want to get your own Paypal account. Paypal is a secure way to pay for your domain name and Paypal is accepted universally in the Internet world. Re-registration every year after that is usually $10.00. You basically now "own" the right to use that name that you've chosen. Now this is just the name. It is not a website or blog. Just the name for your new website.

Once you've gotten your domain name, you will need to get a web hosting service. A web host is a service that will allow you to store your website on their server where you can then edit or add content to your site. There are hundreds of web hosting services on the Internet. Hostgator, Lunarpages and Junaweb are three examples of services to "host" your site where you can do your uploading and editing. These range from $2.95 per month to $25.00 per month depending on what type of service you want. I have several sites and pay $1.99 a month with Junaweb on a shared server.

I am very interested in World War 2. One of my first sites that I put together was a World War 2 Directory. The original script and template that I used I got free from PHP Link Directory. You can download a free version php 2.2 and they have dozens of templates to download as well. I liked the site so much that I upgraded to the php3.2version that I paid $25.00 for. You need to keep their link on the bottom of the page. If not, the script would cost $75.00. I then collected hundreds of the best WWII website links on the Internet. I submitted the site to and was recently accepted into their prestigious site.

The template, which is the actually site you see, is called professional and comes with the PHPLD script. PHP link Directory has a forum where designers and webmasters post ideas and other templates that they designed. I downloaded the greenish theme and uploaded it to the site for free. The WWII banner I made myself with Banner Creator, which is also free.

The only manual part is creating the categories and sub-categories. The ads you see are from Google AdSense. You need to register a Google account and you can then place the ads for free on your site. They are called PPC ads or pay-per-click ads. When someone clicks on the add, you get paid which goes into your personal Google account. Depending on what your site is about, you could earn from $1.00 to $5.00 per click. Please be warned that you cannot click on your own ads or you will get banned from Google AdSense. Your must read there Terms of Service once you are registered for an account. There are other ways to make money such as website affiliates (amazon or even eBay) or selling books from a site called Click Bank You could also rent ad-space if someone is willing to pay and eventually sell the site if someone is interested.

If you looking to get started right away without domain names, hosting accounts or web design, you can start your own Blog for free just by registering with Google. You can create your own blogger or blogspot account and start blogging about anything you'd like and the best part is that it's free!

That's all the easy part. The hard part is getting your site noticed or "ranked" in Google, Yahoo and MSN and get targeted visitors. The site is live & launched. If you look on the bottom of my site there is a banner with That site is ranked a "5" by google. That means it will probably come up on the first page of Google if you type the key words World War 2. I've asked to exchange website links with this site. I have not heard from them yet. Most webmasters are willing to trade links with other webmasters. Some won't. If a site gets 500,000 visitors a year, chances are they will click on your link and go to your webpage. You can even download a free e-book on how to get 100 visitors a day in three weeks. You can also get your 10 FREE ADSENSE READY WEBSITES. All 10 top niche sites for free so you can get started right away.

It sounds very complicated but it's really not. You must be committed if you want your site to gain visitors and rank high in the search engines. It does take a lot of time though. Holly Mann wrote an e-book called Honest Riches. It's a very good read. She gives her ideas on how she became a millionaire from the Internet. Of course, she is one in 100 million who have actually made BIG money. I am not trying to discourage you, but to make money you must be committed to work on your site everyday, promote it and fill it with rich content. You want return visitors to your site. If your site offers helpful information, visitors are likely to return.

Good luck with your website creation experience. Come back or bookmark this article for future reference.

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